Biodiversity log -butterflies


4 April 2016

There are 23 records of butterflies on file.

This table represents a starting point for collecting more recent sightings on our site records. Can you help?

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Please include the date and location of sighting with a photo if you are unsure of the species.

This year, the Surrey and SW Branch  of Butterfly Conservation are planning transects at various sites and we hope they will record on the heath to help inform the forthcoming Management Plan 2017-2022.

[thanks to Phil Gates for his image of a Small Copper on Calluna vulgaris.]

Lepidoptera – BUTTERFLIES      
Scientific Name Common Name Last reported  Location Larval foods
Gonepteryx rhamni Brimstone 31/03/2016 by Clubhouse alder buckthorn, buckthorn
Colias croceus Clouded Yellow 2005 on football pitch clovers & other legumes
Polygonia c-album Comma 13/07/2005   nettles, hop, elm
Polyommatus icarus Common Blue 20/09/2005   Legumes incl. Bird’s-foot Trefoil
Thymelicus lineola Essex Skipper 2002   grasses
Pyronia tithonus Gatekeeper 12/08/2005   grasses
Callophrys rubi Green Hairstreak 2005   gorse & other plants
Pieris napi Green-veined White 13/04/1997   crucifers
Celastrina argiolus Holly Blue 13/07/2005   holly, ivy
Pieris brassicae Large White 28/07/1992   crucifers
Maniola jurtina Meadow Brown 16/08/2005   grasses
Anthocharis cardamines Orange Tip 2013   wild crucifers
Vanessa cardui Painted Lady 2005   thistles/migrant
Aglais io Peacock 11/05/1998   nettles
Favonicus quercus Purple Hairstreak 17/07/2002   oak
Vanessa atalanta Red Admiral 17/07/2002   migrant
Aphantopus hyperantus Ringlet 2015   grasses
Lycaena phlaeas Small Copper 2001   Common Sorrel/Sheep’s Sorrel
Coenonympha pamphilus Small Heath 12/07/2005   grasses
Thymelicus sylvestris Small Skipper 16/07/2005   grasses
Aglais urticae Small Tortoiseshell 11/05/1998   nettles
Pieris rapae Small White 02/08/2005   crucifers
Pararge aegeria Speckled Wood 2015   grasses