About the Friends

The Friends of Reigate Heath was set up in 2005 to support the biodiversity and cultural history of Reigate Heath SSSI and to help improve communication and cooperation between the public who enjoy the Heath and the people who manage it.

Since then we have helped promote awareness of the Heath, how it is managed, and how we can all help maintain this unique habitat as a Site of Special Scientific Interest to continue to enjoy and explore this wonderful open space together.

If you wish to be in touch, please email    foreigateheath@aol.com


Surrey Heathland Project 2007 exhibition ‘Change on the Heath’ at Reigate Heath

What do we do:

  • we help with the management of the heath through having a seat on the Council-led Reigate Heath Management Steering Group
  • we collate the biodiversity records for this site and help with monitoring programmes.
  • we run guided walks and host exhibitions
  • we raise donations to help towards the conservation efforts on the heath.
  • we run this website!
  • In 2016 we will be involved with the forthcoming Management Plan consultation process and continue to support the living and cultural heritage of Reigate Heath SSSI through this.

Who liaises this at the moment?

  • Susan Medcalf via   foreigateheath@aol.com  who also represents Reigate Society on the Reigate Heath Management Steering Group.

What have we done in the past:

  • we hosted an exhibition in 2007 called ‘Change on the Heath’ in collaboration with the Surrey Heathland Project and ran an art competition concurrently, raising over £1000 in donations which has contributed towards the Heath’s noticeboards and leaflet dispenser.
  • we ran a community exhibition in 2011 called the ‘Map of Memories’ which allowed people to share their experiences and knowledge of the Heath.
  • we published newsletters (2005-2010) which were delivered to a mailing list of over 200 people and all local residents, but this stopped owing to lack of volunteer effort.
  • Between 2005 and 2010, we were grateful recipients of two Ward Councillor awards specifically towards supporting our newsletters and moth-trapping equipment.
  • in 2013 we took part in a pilot scheme with Footprint Ecology as part of the Heathland Surveillance Network (click here for details )
  • in 2015 attended the 11th National Heathland Conference (click here for the Proceedings).

What we would like to do:

  • raise our profile to continue doing these things,
  • enable more people to become interested in the biodiversity and cultural heritage of the Heath,
  • encourage more volunteers to help maintain and expand these activities of the Friends.

So…….  over to you!

Our email contact is  Foreigateheath@aol.com.

If you have any biodiversity records of the heath or old photos of the Heath that might be of interest, please do share them with us.

Other groups that might be of interest are:

Surrey Archaeological Society (please click here for more details)

Holmesdale Natural History Club (please click here for more details)

Surrey Botanical Society (please click here for more details)


One thought on “About the Friends

  1. Since I lived just west of the heath it became a place for wandering as a boy in the 40’s. It was an enchanting place of tall trees heather and Gorse
    I would watch model planes launched from the top of the hill on Sunday afternoons and marvel how they flew over so many trees yet returned.
    Our house was near Tap Wood so it was either there or on the heath my Mom never worried about my whereabouts. I think she must have been thinking so much of my father who was fighting in the RAF.
    Thanks to all for looking after the heath it is deeply appreciated. Anthony.
    Toronto Canada

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